Before getting into the modern culture of the country, there are some things to know about its history.

Lithuania was once apart of the Russian empire and begged for independence for a long time, they would create street art/graffiti protesting that they wanted to have their own language, country, and culture, after a while, they have independence.

So back to the main purpose of the article, the culture is much more interesting than people may think. The food is much more interesting and where the restaurants are set are beautiful in the summer, for breakfast, you can eat outside where they serve foods like beetroot soup, salads, and (my personal favourite) potato pancakes, which are amazing and have exotic flavours. The restaurant prices and the entire experience there is great, a family of 6 ordering pizza's with lots of drinks only added up to around 70 euros meaning that as a citizen with a well paying job, you could probably eat out every day. The architecture is mostly built in the 18th century and is restored well, many cathedrals are pastel colours and any modern buildings are closest to the city Vilnius, so there is a best of both worlds depending on what you find interesting, the city also reminds me of a modernized Malta. The seasons are very diverse in a way as the summer is a perfect warm temperature with enough sun to tan you a bit (possibly like Los Angeles but I've never really been there so I'm not too sure) and the winter can give you high chances of snow and if you are lucky, you can experience several feet of snow, so depending on what kind of holiday you want, Lithuania (Lietuva) has both options.

I also suggest searching up Lithuania and taking a peek at all of the stuff I have mentioned.