hey guys

today I want to recommend you some tv shows which I LOVE
Lets start :)

1. Prison Break
prison break and wentworth miller image

If you haven't watched Prison Break so far: DO IT!
The TV show has 5 seasons and it will never gets boring, it is sooo suspenseful. Just watch the trailer and let it convince you :)

2. The Walking Dead
the walking dead, twd, and rick grimes image

ohhhhh I LOVE The Walking Dead. The actors are really cool and I fell in love with the characters. But I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed of the 7 and 8 season :( But it is still a good TV Show.

3. Riverdale
riverdale and bughead image

I like the show because it is not a typical high school tv show. It is very mysterious and the characters have some secrets ;)

4. The Vampire Diaries
tvd, the vampire diaries, and damon image

oh gosh I am crazy about that show! I have watched all seasons twice and I am still sooo in love with Damon and Stefan. If you liked Twilight you will definitely LOVE Vampire Diaries. Still one of the best series I have ever watched.

5. How to get away with murder
Connor, frank, and nate image

It is one of the shows I recently have watched and I am sooo sad that I have to wait for the next season! It is such a exciting Tv show. The show gets never boring because in every episode something else is happening and your brain is like: wtf! I recommended it my sister and she's now so obsessed with the show.

If you already watched these Tv shows, here are some more which I really enjoyed:

The End Of The F*cking World
Stranger Things
Breaking Bad
Orange Is The New Black
American Horror Story
The 100
13 reasons why

If you have questions you are welcome to ask me :)
And if you know Tv shows I need to watch, please tell me!