this is inspired by @lucrezia
but I'm going to do this 30 day writing challenge.

day one: list ten things that make you happy.

harry potter, emma watson, and rupert grint image titanic, leonardo dicaprio, and kate winslet image star wars image johnny depp, sweeney todd, and movie image
one- watching movies
the 1975, band, and grunge image 2d, gorillaz, and noodle image boy and music image kanye west image
two- listening to music
beautiful, inspirational, and tumblr image friends, bff, and adidas image fashion, friends, and girl image girl, friends, and friendship image
three- hanging out with friends
food and pasta image aesthetic, american apparel, and black image mashed potatoes image food, tacos, and taco bell image
four- eating
phan, amazingphil, and dan and phil image babes, best couple, and cuties image aesthetic, boys, and rp theme image Foundation, james charles, and funny image
five- watching youtube
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, locket, and severus snape image bookstagram, all the bright places, and bookishparabatai image the society, crossed, and reached image book, flowers, and aesthetic image
six- reading
naruto and sleep image sleep, black and white, and quotes image simpsons, bart, and the simpsons image books, quotes, and tumblr image
seven- sleeping
nails, blue, and rings image nails and blue image nails, Nude, and beauty image nails, rings, and marble image
eight- doing my nails
tired, nails, and quotes image depression, poem, and rad image Abusive image quotes, book, and people image
nine- writing
aesthetic, artsy, and bags image sadie sink image Image by Sara ♡ book, rain, and red image
ten- shopping

thank you if you actually reAd this!