I live in a private neighbourhood in Argentina (sounds fancy, doesn't it?). And even though we'll be moving from that place in a couple months due to some economic issues and basically because it's better for everyone except for me, the youngest daughter of our five-membered family, I just fell in love.
Well, I don't really know if I should even call it love, but been there done that and it was a similar feeling.
Except it was (is?) so, so weird. Because I don't know the person I've fallen for. I haven't even seen them!
I only heard them.
Because they live behind me.
How do I explain? Is it clear? ...I'll make a little drawing so you'll get it.

nope image
Amazing artist, ain't I? But yeah, blue is them, I am purple, love me some purple

Let me explain my situation.
I was outside, reading a book as I petted my dogs, who very much like me petting them (you don't know a challenge until you've read an actual book while you pet two dogs) and as usual, I could hear all the noises from the five houses that reside near mine, as the amazingly detailed graphic above shows. Children playing, dogs barking, a few mothers shouting at their sons for not cleaning up (try not to hear an Argentinian mom yelling after you slamed a door, even at 50 mts away), and else. And in the house behind mine, there was a voice. There he was.

At first it was nothing special, I was just listening as they played pool games, "Goofy" for example. And then, as I struggled to turn the page of my book, I heard it as clear as the sky above me.
His laugh.
Oh, god, his laugh.
I know how fucking cheesy it sounds, but I've never felt so giddy just by listening to someone laugh like that. He was playing with his younger siblings, I couldn't see him nor them because of the trees that give all of us some amount of privacy. But everytime he laughed at one of the silly jokes he himself made, jokes his brothers didn't quite get, I smiled and giggled.
God. He even distracted me from my book. And I don't get distracted easily. I can even read around 20 of my idiotic loud classmates who are actually trying to distract me.
I had to lay it down on my lap, and listen to them play, listen to him laugh himself stupid, making me feel stupidly happy.
...It must be february.

Thanks for reading!