Hey guys, it's Sara here. I just wrote this poem because I think it was about time I did so. I don't expect you to like it, I just think it's good that I'm finally trying to follow my passion. I still have so much to learn, so feel free to share some tips with me, but no hate is allowed, the world is full of that already.

Maybe she knew. She knew you were going to hurt her, but she took the risk anyway. Maybe she thought that having the chance of being with you was worth the pain. Maybe she just wanted a friend she could count on or maybe she was experiencing her first love. That, she has yet to find out. You broke her, but her heart still has a spot for you. Maybe she knows. She knows that deep inside she still cares and always will. Maybe she’ll know. She’ll know that it takes two people to make a friendship, but only one to ruin it. And maybe then she won’t blame herself anymore.

- Sara Mendes