Hi! I've been on we heart it for about 2 years/2 years and a half now and since they introduced articles I've been thinking about writing one but I guess I never had time, nor the courage, but today I felt like writing.

Here we go

My name is Ana, i'm 15 years old and i'm a non-native English speaker (if there are some mistakes, please let me know). I'm pretty shy and introverted in real life with the people I don't know (the Buzzfeed quizzes say that i'm more like an ambivert, so I guess i'm both). I've never been one of the popular girls and now, in the new class, most of my colleauges knew each other and i'm not really a social butterfly so it's been hard. I do have a small group of good friends outside my class but It still is hard seeing how my colleauges have a good time at school (how good it can be) and i'm just waiting to go home. I hate highschool :)) Ok, enough about that highschool basic drama :))

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About my physical appearance there is not munch to say: I have aurburn hair and blue eyes, pretty tall, nor fat, nor skinny. I think that everybody is beautiful and should feel good in their own skin.

My hobbies include watching tv shows, movies, reading, fangirling, browsing the web :)) and sometimes writing. I have a lot of favourite books and tv shows, maybe i'll write an article about that in the future.

Thanks for reading my first article and for following. Sorry that this article got so long, I didn't inted it :) neither did I really intend to write about school but here I am :)
If you have any suggestions for future articles or how to improve my writing please let me know!
Hope you liked it, bye! <3