it takes a lot to be in love
and only one day to be not
waking up from a nightmare
and not feeling you there
hearing the heart break
and falling out of love
a couple of hours
to destroy a couple of hearts
a couple of months
to get over
left a couple of memories
to remember

i just hope you are doing okay
even though i don't
knowing that i shouldn't have
but being glad that i did
and seeing some hope
made my day before this
but not now
not anymore
it won't
but i just hope you are doing okay
and everything is going well
i hope you find the one, love
and see what it feels like

it's not the way she talks
or the way she smiles
even not the way she looks
but the way she sees him
like he's kind of an art
a couple dancing slowly
a newborn opening his eyes
and an old man smiles
it's the way she sees him

i hope you like those guys. i remember the exact time when i wrote the 1st poem. it was late in the evening and i was trying not to make a noise while crying my soul out. it was my first heart break. i know that it won't be the last. but that heart break made me write a lot of songs, poems and stories. if i ever win an award for those (one day...) he's the first person that i'll thank. aaanyways, i will upload some more poems. maybe i'll share the story of my heartbreak. byeee.