you have hurt me,
stabbed me in the back.
the blood is seeping through my shirt and down my sides.
your lies are sharper than razor blades,
the words from your mouth are bullets from a gun.
you find it funny when you knock me down.
you laugh when I'm crying.
you have no compassion for any thing at all.
you use to be a part of me,
but now I'm cutting you out and away from me.
your a toxic disease that nobody will ever need.
where is your love for humanity.
you are incapable of love.
for you have no heart,
all you have is a cruel mind.
- Joss

if you have a friend who treats you like trash, are they really a friend?
because last time I checked.
friends treat you better than life its self.
and if you are treated badly, you don't need that in your life.
don't let bad people waste your time.