"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses."
— Pablo Picasso

Roses have been used for carrying out the message of love, friendship, and admiration throughout the century. February is the month of love and you may want to send gifts along with roses to your lover, friends or to the person you admire. Personalize your gifts by using this simple guide to communicate your feelings. Enjoy!

❥ Red

flowers, rose, and red image
Meaning: Love, Beauty, Courage, Respect, and Passion

❥ White

flowers, white, and rose image
Meaning: Innocence, Youthfulness, Sympathy, Purity, Heavenly, and Deep respect

❥ Coral

flowers, rose, and pink image
Meaning: Desire

❥ Peach

flowers image
Meaning: Modesty, Appreciation, Sincerity, and Gratitude

❥ Orange

orange, rose, and flowers image
Meaning: Desire, Enthusiasm, Creativity, and Fascination

❥ Yellow

flowers, aesthetic, and rose image
Meaning: Joy, Friendship, Welcome back, Delight, New beginnings, and Good wishes

❥ Light Pink

Image by aida_kurbanova2018
Meaning: Admiration, Sweetness, Gentleness, and Grace

❥ Dark Pink

flowers, pink, and roses image
Meaning: Appreciation, Perfect happiness, Grace, Gratitude, Thank you

❥ Lavender

flowers and roses image
Meaning: Love at first sight, Enchantment

❥ Blue

blue, rose, and flowers image
Meaning: The unattainable, Impossible

❥ Black

black, flowers, and rose image
Meaning: Death, Farewell, Mourning, End of relationship

❥ Mixed Color Bouquet

flowers, roses, and spring image
Meaning: Happiness, Unity, 'You are everything to me'

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