Hello wonderful people,
this is my first article so I am sorry if I make any mistakes but in today's article I would like to talk about God's beautiful creation and how we can learn to appreciate it and its full glory. Thank you so much for clicking on my article and I hope you enjoy reading xx

Even if you're not religious I am sure we can all agree that we have been gifted an amazing world which we often take for granted. It can be difficult to remember sometimes our fortune, If the earths rotation was sped up by as little a 1 mile per hour the centrifugal force would become stronger and cause gravity's pull on us to weaken, we would have stronger hurricanes, the sea level would rise a few inches which would result in mass coastal flooding and more dangerous disasters would follow. Dramatic changes to the world would also occur with a change in the earths axis and more.God has created the perfect world for us so it is our duty to care for it but also appreciate it so here are a few ways in which you can appreciate for God's gift to us:

Go on walks

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Walks are an easy, inexpensive and wonderful way of appreciating God's creation. You don't have to walk either, you could cycle or run or use roller skates and rock the 70s look if you want to. Either way, going on walks allows you to get active, it provides you with fresh air and it helps you see things beyond your phone screen.

Star Gaze

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Whether its inside your bedroom with some hot chocolate, camping with friends or looking through a telescope in your garden star gazing is a wonderful way of appreciating God's gift to us. Each time you look up at the night sky you can see his creation looking down upon you. You can even buy small telescopes for less than $100 on amazon which can allow you to see the rings of Saturn. My birthday is in July and I am asking for a telescope so I an see ,more clearly, God's creation.

Do some gardening

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God gifted us with the beauty of nature and we should always try to surround ourselves in that beauty. If you have free access to a patch of fertilized soil all you have to do is plant a flower or tree but if you don't you can always buy a small plot of soiled land in a garden patch (I am not sure where to go to buy a small garden patch but it allows you to grow fruits and vegetables and flowers if you wish to). Gardening encourages you to go outside and care for your plants and you'll feel really proud of yourself with more and more progress.

Don't Litter

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Everything looks nicer when it's clean and so does the world God gave us. In order to appreciate our beautiful world we must care for it and that means not just throwing away you're garbage in bins instead of on the ground but also picking up other people's trash and telling other people to pick up their trash if they drop it, I can understand this may be a little awkward with strangers but it's our would and we must care for it, if its feels to awkward just try to tell family and friends to pick up their litter if they drop it. When you go on walks you may see litter on the ground but don't ignore it, instead pick it up and throw it in the nearest bin and the environment will look a lot nicer. Also you don't have to pick up all the litter but one or two pieces will be amazing and probably inspire some nearby walkers as well.

Respect animals

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We're not God's only creation on Earth, animals are too and we should treat them with the respect they deserve. I am personally not vegan but I would like to look into it however I try to make sure my mom buys from suppliers that are kindest to their farm animals and NO factory farms. Also I don't wear a lot of makeup but I try to make sure the cosmetics and skin care I buy are not tested on animals as I think it's cruel and in order to appreciate the world we must appreciate it's animals too. Products I use are Lush, Bare minerals, Bath and Body works, The body shop and others.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got inspired, Thank you for reading xx