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I decided today that I want to talk about music, so here we go.
The best albums of 2017;

1. Harry Styles's SELF-TITLED ALBUM - His whole album is amazing. It gives me chills. At first I was sad, when I heard that they are going solo.. but when I heard all of the songs they made, I was very proud. His album is very pleasing and sould-touching. I recommend it to everyone, because it's something new and for my oppinion it's very underrated.

My favourite songs from the album: Meet me in the hallway, Sweet creature, Sign of the times, Two ghosts, Only Angel, Ever since new york, woman.

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2. Halsey's HOPELESS FOUNTAIN KINGDOM - This woman is my inspiration, and I love her and her music so much. Strong voice and strong mind is all I need. This album is something that I highly recommend. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of her work or not, you will fall in love with hfk.

My favourite songs from the album: Strangers, Devil In Me, Don't play, Sorry, Eyes Closed, Angel On Fire.

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3. Taylor Swift's REPUTATION - I have never been a fan of Taylor Swift, but this album was amazing. I love every single song, and she has amazing voice and talent. It sure is mature album, and you have to listen to it, it doesn't matter if you are a fan or not. For years I hated on Taylor, and rn I don't know why I was hating on her music so much.. yeah she writes songs about her exes and all of that, but over all, her songs are amazing and inspiring.

My favourite songs from the album: Look what you made me do, Ready for it, Call it what you want, End Game, Don't blame me, I did something bad, New Years day.

Reputation, Ts, and Taylor Swift image Reputation and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, Reputation, and music image album, cd, and Dream image

4. Ed Sheeran's DIVIDE - Beautiful voice from amazing artist. This is one of his best albums, and I'm proud of him. He has amazing writing skills, no matter what other people say, he is still number one writer for me.

My favourite songs from the album: Castle on the hill, Happier, Hearts don't break round here, Save myself, Supermarket flowers, Galway girl.

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5. Dua Lipa's SELF-TITLED ALBUM - She has that inspiring voice, with amazing writing skills and personality. This album is her best art work. It's full of power. Her songs are inspiring and great to listen to if you have low self-esteem. She can bring that confident boss in you.

My favourite songs from album: New rules, Be the one, Hotter than hell, Garden, Dreams, No goodbyes.

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6. Lorde's MELODRAMA - If i'm being honest, in the past I didn't like Lorde, her voice, her songs, her apperience, anything.. But how I started growing I found myself listening and understanding her more and more. Her music hold such a message, and I'm kinda loving it. Melodrama is the best thing I have listened last year. She has her own style and oppinion and for me that's great.

My favourite songs from album: Green light, Homemade dynamite, Liability, Perfect places.

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