''Having a crush is painful,but not having is just boring''
  • First you start have more feelings for him/her day to day
  • Seeing him/her online makes you smile,even tought you don't talk with each other
  • Seeing him/her make's your day
  • Having with him/her like a 3 second eye contact make's you think that he/she like you.
  • And you go and make your best friend exited:''OMG he/she looked at me,omg he/she likes me?''
  • You start dreaming about him/her.
  • When he/she crosses your mind your heart starts to beat fast.
  • You would choose him/her without hesitation
  • You search for him/her in everybody new you meet
  • All the songs are about him/her
  • All the quotes are for him/her
  • When you get a text you hope that its's him/her
  • When you hear his/her voice you smile
  • You think about him/her at 3am when you can't sleep:''What would have been if....?What if....?''

If you are going trough this.I feel you.It's hard.