Hello everybody!
Today I just decided to go with the whole positive-vibes thing and decided to share with you a short list of the things I'm grateful for in my life. I'm 20 years old, a positive thing for each year of my life:

1. I'm a girl: btw I do believe in empowerment and so, but this point hasn't much to do with it. Especially in my dad's family for generations and generations, only little boys were born. My birth was a sort of miracle, makes me feel like I was the sorted one ahah, a nice little story to tell:)
2. My family: I come from a quite big family, it's so hard to get along, but I love every single member of it. My family was literally what changed the game in my life, I'm convinced about it.
3. My health: we think it's obvious but it is not. We have to take care of our health, and the fact we go through each day with strength and good feelings without thinking about it much is a true, yet not obvious, blessing. I was blessed with it, and I hope I can always keep saying this:)
4. My childhood: I was blessed with such a special childhood. I mean, nothing crazy, but my childhood was full of love, surrounded by family, tiny little experiences and tranquility.
5. My education: again, this is not obvious. Not only I'm grateful for the chance of being educated, but also for the approach I was taught to education. Education is definitely not just school or grades. Definitely. Not that. Obviously I always hope to get better and learn more, but I can say today I'm a pretty educated person. Such a luck.
6. The pain I went through: everyone goes thorugh their ups and downs. I can say I went through some serious yet different stages of loss and pain. Although it was hard, this made me ready for so many life experiences.
7. Out of my comfort zone: I moved in a completely different place at the start of my teen ages. That was a big step, tiny to others. But I feel like it made an impact on my life, attitude and mind.
8. My teen-ages: being a teenager was a quick, frustraiting, exciting, weird, happy, fundamental stage of my life. These years will never come back, and although they weren't perfect I feel like they taught me a lot and made me the young adult I am today.
9. Being in touch with different cultures: since being a little kid, I've always been in touch with different cultures. My family friends, my friends, part of my family, the fact my dad traveled so much for his job. That definitely enriched me and opened my mind.
10. My relationship with the internet: since being 12 my relationship with the internet got better and better. I got inspired, educated, got in touch with so many people and discovered so many things. I feel lucky for this possibility we all get.
11. My luck: I've been through some hard times, but I define myself as a lucky girl, and when I say this I refer to all the things that haven't anything to do with me. The things you're naturally given, that you can't pick or change.
12. The person I am: I'm far from being perfect, and I'm totally fine with it. But to be honest, I feel like maybe I'm not a good person, but I'm definitely not a bad one. And that's great.
13. The things that inspire me daily: I feel grateful for constantly having something that makes me excited, "addicted", discovering things I love. That's a beautiful feeling.
14. The things I hope I'll never get tired of: it's so important you never get tired of the tiny little things that make your life a little special. I hope I never lose track of them.
15. Being part of a large/modern family: it's crazy that years and years before you didn't even know of someone, and today that someone is part of your life and daily routine. More possibilities to enrich yourself!
16. My friends: not gonna lie, I'm not the kind of girl who has a dozen of friends to constantly hang out with. I have a bunch of friends, from years and years, we've grown together and can reach to each other whenever in need.
17. The additions to my life: you know the people life doesn't necessarily put on your path, but somehow get there in their own special way? Yeah, that's another blessing
18. The place where I live: I live in a quiet, nice, peaceful area. This makes life nice.
19. The people I met: you know the people you randomly met, and probably will never get back to you, but still leave their mark, and happen to teach you something? I don't know, a waiter in that nice cafè, a teacher that stayed in your school for just a month, your neighbors. It happened to me, and that was such a blast.

20. I'm becoming an aunt: yes, summer '18, someone will be able to call me "aunt Gaia" for the first time in my life. Kinda crazy, uh? You grow with your sibilings, making fun of how their spouses and kids will look like in the future in fron of a bowl of cereals, and today this is part of your reality.

Life is amazing guys. And a true blessing itself. Never forget that.

Those were all the things on my list, here's to so much more!