Favorite Song
Ranbu No Melody SID

anime, bleach, and gif image

Song You Hate
Any Ghetto Song

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Song That Makes You Sad
Baloney Speaker Cillia

anime image

Song That Makes You Happy
The Song Of Fighters ii

game, King of Fighters, and kof image

Song That Reminds You Of Someone
Don't Have A Song That Reminds Me Of Someone

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Song Wich You Know The Lyrics Pefectly
Kagamine Rin The Lost One's Weeping

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Song That Makes You Dance
History Maker Dean Fujioka

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Song That Helps You Sleep
Warabe Uta The Tales Of Princess Kaguya

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Song You Like In Secret
...Pomp And Cicumstance

miku, ia, and megurine image

Song That Identifies You
KOF Another Day Regret

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Song You Use To Hate Now You Love
Ghost Town You're So Creepy

ghost town, creepy, and blood image

Song That Reminds You Of A Specific Moment
Motionless In White Immaculate Misconception.....Almost Punched Someone In The Face At School Until The Teacher Came

motionless in white image

Song Of Your Favorite Disc
Don't Know

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Song You Know How To Play With An Instrument
Don't Play Any Instruments...Wish I Could Play The Guitar Though

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Song Of Your Childhood
DBZ Chala Head Chala

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Song That I Would Put In My Wedding
I Don't Think I'll Get Married..But I'd Put Leia Luka Megurine

Image by veronika_455

Song They Use To Sing You Now You Hate
No One Has Ever Singed Me A Song

anime, boy, and anime boy image

Song That You Would Like To Sing In Public
Saboten Scenario

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Song That No One Expected You To Like
Metro Station Shake It

Song That You Want In Your Funeral
KOF XIV Burning On

King of Fighters, iori yagami, and kyo kusanagi image

Song That You Put When You Are Driving
I Don't Drive

naruto image
brown eyes, uniform, and waving image