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a couple of days ago, i posted an article about my favourite tv shows, and the majority of you loved it. this is why i decided to post this article today!
basically, i'll let you know what movies i've watched in the past and loved it.

1.Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

the story is about four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game's jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose. what they discover is that they don't have to play jumanji - they have to survive it. to return to the real world, they'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, and change the way they think about themselves - or they'll be stuck in jumanji forever.
when i was watching this movie i was crying-laughing on some scenes.

Dwayne Johnson, jack black, and jumanji image nick jonas image

2.IT (2017)

seven middle school friends live in Derry, Maine, are about to face their worst nightmare -- an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewers every 27 years to prey on the town's children. but the seven friends put their hands together and decided to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise.

this movie is for people aged sixteen and above, that made me think it's super horror or something. but i decided to be brave and i watched it, in fact it wasn't horror, but there we stuff that will come to the screen and will make you jump, that's all (trust me).

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3.Divergent (2014)
Tris Prior lives in a futuristic world in which society is divided into five factions. as each person becomes an adult, he or she must choose one of the factions and commit it for life. Tris chose Dauntless -- those who pursue bravery above all else. but as soon as she found that she's a Divergent, she found that she will never be able to fit into just one faction. she uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.
i watched it twice, and i don't mind to watch it for the third time.

divergent, theo james, and four image divergent, four, and tris image

4.Harry Potter and the goblet of fire (2005)

The fourth movie in the Harry Potter movie series. basically, it's about an upcoming tournament between the three major schools of magic, with one participant selected from each school by the Goblet of Fire. but, something wrong has gone on, Harry's name was selected by the Goblet of Fire its self. although Harry is not eligible and is a fourth player, he must compete in the dangerous contest.
this is my favourite Harry Potter season of all, if you havn't seen it go and check it out.

harry potter, fred weasley, and george weasley image <3, friendship, and hilarious image

5.Cyberbully (2015)
Cyberbully is a UK tv docu-drama thriller. the film stars Maisie Williams as a typical teenager girl who lives her life out online, and is called out for her cyberbullying by an anonymous culprit.
it's the one of the best movies i've seen, you should check it out.

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thank you so much for reading this article, i appreciate it and hope you've enjoyed it as much as i did while writing it.

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