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The Flash

Recently, a few of my friends told me to watch this show and now I can't stop. It's truly very addicting, some would even say as addicting as Breaking Bad. This is because it holds all of the plot elements that the best stories should have. Superpowers, romance, dramatic twists, and dark secrets. There's also a ton of science and nerd jokes/references so that's a big bonus! Definitely a must watch!

Image removed the flash and barry allen image DC, flash, and the flash image the flash, flash, and barry allen image
Most of the cast, Barry Allen in his flash suit, and the red streak of him running


This series follows what the life of Sherlock Holmes would be like in modern times. This series hooks you in with the odd Sherlock and keeps you in with the deep mysteries, odd romances, and large explosions. It also has a lot of witty humor and deep remarks on serious topics. Sherlock is one of those shows where every little detail matters. Plus, the theme music is great. All in all, a great show!

benedict cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and sherlock image sherlock, london, and sherlock holmes image sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and sherlock holmes image sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and bbc image
Dr. John Watson and Sherlock, the opening title, Sherlock sitting in his apartment, and Sherlock playing the violin

Skylanders Academy

As usual, I wanted to include a little more kid friendly show, but one that adults will actually love too. I saw the trailer thinking it would be all cheesy messages of love and peace, but it was actually hilarious when I started watching. Plus, Ashley Tisdale voices one of the main characters so it's a hard show to hate. The plot is very organized and has many mysteries and fun adventures worked into it. I would recommend this to younger kids or just bored (and probably immature) teens.

gaming, skylanders, and video games image spyro, skylander, and skylander academy image
I couldn't find a lot of pictures, so here's the main villian and hero

The Good Place

This show is just really funny. It's the perfect comedy. It's so good that is has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes! It introduces an original idea into comedy and it definitely works!

serie, netflix, and the good place image series and netflix image chill, tv shows, and good place image serie, netflix, and the good place image
The Good Place title screens, main character Eleanor Shellstrop, and Janet with Shawn

The End Of The F***ing World

Unfortunately, I have not yet seen this show, but peer reviews and simply watching the trailer have made me put this show on the list. It seems so well-written, hilarious, and deep that it honestly has to be a good show. It also has a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Another Netflix original based on a book, much like 13 Reasons Why, that deals with dark topics in almost a light manner.

fucking, world, and of image knife, theme, and green image james, Alyssa, and alex lawther image james, Alyssa, and teotfw image
Main charcters James and Alyssa

Fuller House

Following up on the original show Full House, this series is hilarious and heartwarming. The way it follows hectic family life not just for kids but for adults too is both funny and beautiful. There's romance, comedy, and puppies. I would recommend this anyone of any age.

Image removed full house, gif, and fuller house image full house, memories, and reunion image Image removed
The opening screen, Stephanie, most of the cast, and the Tanner-Fuller and Gibbler families

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