hello, darlings, how are you? I hope well!

— red

friends, chandler bing, and Jennifer Aniston image book, girl, and aesthetic image
1. Friends, one of the tv series that I love the fucking most / 2. books, aaaaa I Iove read and the Percy Jackson saga is one of my favorites
aesthetic, article, and blood image red, music, and aesthetic image
3. thunderstorms, don't you love to watch the lightning fall in the distance? / 4. vinyl, of all the old stuff that I like, and there are many, vinyl is one of my favorites

— orange

orange, aesthetic, and shadow image aesthetic, color, and fruit image
1. shadows, I think it's kind of magical and shit hahah / 2. tangerine, I love this fruit
aesthetic, cute, and animal image freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image
3. foxes. I mean, look how fucking cute! / 4. freckles (if you have, please, let me bite you just a little)

— yellow (favorite color)

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, aesthetic, and book image
1. flowers, so damn pretty in yellow / 2. Vincent Van Gogh, crazy mind and fucking amazing art
aesthetic, all star, and shoes image art, yellow, and paint image
3. converse all star (I also enjoy socks a lot, so combo yay), if you love me give me a pair / 4. art in general, so aesthetic it hurts

— green

cactus, grunge, and green image blue, ice cream, and summer image
1. cactus, especially if they are wearing sunglasses lmao / 2. ice cream, I fucking love it
green, aesthetic, and train image green, plants, and aesthetic image
3. travel, someday I'll be able to say that I've visited all the continents, you'll see / 4. plants, I just fucking love nature in general

— blue

polaroid, camera, and vintage image aesthetic, light, and blue image
1. polaroid cameras, the photos are so fucking ultra gorgeous / 2. dimples, don't fucking play with me right now, mY HUSBAND AND MY CHILDREN ARE GOING TO HAVE DIMPLES
blue, aesthetic, and ocean image aesthetic, cigarette, and light image
3. water, no matter if it is a river or a sea, I love large amounts of water / 4. ghosts, (a fucking shout out to who took this pic)

— indigo

green, aesthetic, and mint image blue, alien, and aesthetic image
1. candyyyyy, bury me with some jelly / 2. aliens, and pretty much everything involving the galaxy
fish, ocean, and sea image aesthetic, blue, and dark image
3. fish and coral, we know little more than 1% of the oceans, imagine everything down there that we don't know / 4. being comfortable with your body close to the people you love the most, one of the things I absolutely hate is feeling uncomfortable, especially close to the one I love most, so when I feel good enough to be naked around them is such a fucking nice feeling

— violet

aesthetic, alternative, and beach image aesthetic, converse, and tumblr image
1. beaches and sunbathing, it's amazing / 2. e v e r y f u c k i n g t h i n g i n t h i s p i c
piano, aesthetic, and music image aesthetic, alternative, and tong image
3. piano, I love to play, I love to see others playing, I love the sound, I love all the aesthetic of it... pretty much everything hahah / 4. DOGGYS, because cmon who doesn't fucking like them??

aaaaaaand it's done! thank you very much for reading and I hope you have an amazing week!

Ana ♡


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