hello, darlings, how are you? I hope well!

— red

chandler bing aesthetic
1. Friends, one of the tv series that I love the fucking most / 2. books, aaaaa I Iove read and the Percy Jackson saga is one of my favorites
Superthumb aesthetic
3. thunderstorms, don't you love to watch the lightning fall in the distance? / 4. vinyl, of all the old stuff that I like, and there are many, vinyl is one of my favorites

— orange

aesthetic food
1. shadows, I think it's kind of magical and shit hahah / 2. tangerine, I love this fruit
animal aesthetic
3. foxes. I mean, look how fucking cute! / 4. freckles (if you have, please, let me bite you just a little)

— yellow (favorite color)

aesthetic aesthetic
1. flowers, so damn pretty in yellow / 2. Vincent Van Gogh, crazy mind and fucking amazing art
aesthetic aesthetic
3. converse all star (I also enjoy socks a lot, so combo yay), if you love me give me a pair / 4. art in general, so aesthetic it hurts

— green

aesthetic blue
1. cactus, especially if they are wearing sunglasses lmao / 2. ice cream, I fucking love it
aesthetic aesthetic
3. travel, someday I'll be able to say that I've visited all the continents, you'll see / 4. plants, I just fucking love nature in general

— blue

black aesthetic
1. polaroid cameras, the photos are so fucking ultra gorgeous / 2. dimples, don't fucking play with me right now, mY HUSBAND AND MY CHILDREN ARE GOING TO HAVE DIMPLES
aesthetic wreid
3. water, no matter if it is a river or a sea, I love large amounts of water / 4. ghosts, (a fucking shout out to who took this pic)

— indigo

aesthetic aesthetic
1. candyyyyy, bury me with some jelly / 2. aliens, and pretty much everything involving the galaxy
blue aesthetic
3. fish and coral, we know little more than 1% of the oceans, imagine everything down there that we don't know / 4. being comfortable with your body close to the people you love the most, one of the things I absolutely hate is feeling uncomfortable, especially close to the one I love most, so when I feel good enough to be naked around them is such a fucking nice feeling

— violet

beach aesthetic
1. beaches and sunbathing, it's amazing / 2. e v e r y f u c k i n g t h i n g i n t h i s p i c
Superthumb aesthetic
3. piano, I love to play, I love to see others playing, I love the sound, I love all the aesthetic of it... pretty much everything hahah / 4. DOGGYS, because cmon who doesn't fucking like them??

aaaaaaand it's done! thank you very much for reading and I hope you have an amazing week!

Ana ♡


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