Hi everyone :) It's Tuesday and I'm bored so I decided to answer the questions "this or that" I hope you like it :)

1. Coffee or Tea?

coffee, drink, and sunglasses image
definitely coffee

2.Winter or summer?

summer, girl, and beach image

3.Black and white or color?

black, poetic, and sad image
Black and white

4.Pop or Rock

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I like both but I will choose pop music

5.Tatoos or Piercings

tattoo, rose, and flowers image
Tatoos! I don't have any yet but I really want to have one <3

6.Curly hair or Straight hair

fashion, girl, and black image
Straight hair

7.Leather or Denim?

fashion, outfit, and style image
I love Denim!!

8.Wine or Beer

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9.Movies or series

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Series! Recently I watched the series "DARK" and I can highly recommend it to you

10.Fruit or Vegetables

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I'm the only one who prefers vegetables?

OK That's all! If you want more post like this give me a heart and write a comment! <3