I'll be honest I HATED secondary school. Everyone just seemed so fake and it felt like we were sometimes learning things that really weren't important. I mean we started learning about football in Geography. What's the point in that??? I know some people enjoy secondary school but here's some tips for people who hate every second there.

1. Make a group of friends
This is something that I never had throughout secondary school and it made the whole experience even worse. So mix in and make friends as quickly as possible so you'll have someone to hang around with at break time and someone to chat with in lessons.

2. Get a good night's rest
I know it's probably pointless to tell any teenager to go to bed a bit earlier but honestly school is already bad enough without having to go whilst tired as well. You won't be able to concentrate properly and then the teachers will be on your back. You don't need to do this all the time, just every now and then get an earlier night, even more so at the start of the week, those horrible Mondays. I know it's tempting to continue watching that TV show on Netflix, "Just one more episode" type thing, and there's nothing wrong with that but just make sure it's not all the time.

3.Change up your journey to school
This might sound weird but honestly if you can get to school by walking then do that. The fresh air will wake you up more for class and might even release those endorphin's, which are "feel good" cells in the body that can actually increase your mood. Walk with a friend or if your walking alone put on some music or a happy playlist to brighten up the morning a bit.

4. Try to get the work done in lesson
I know in my school if you didn't finish your work they would just send you home with it as homework. And who, in their spare time, really wants to be doing homework? So try and get that work done in school time then you'll have all that free time to yourself :)

5. Be yourself
You know how I said at the beginning that it seemed like everyone in my school was just putting on an act? Well don't be one of those people. Don't change yourself just to get the attention of someone who probably isn't bothered about been your friend in the first place. Don't cave in to peer pressure. Be you. If other people don't like it then that's just tough for them isn't it? You weren't put on this world to impress everyone, and nor should you have to. Don't be afraid to stand out and stick with the people who are your true friends and are not bothered about climbing that lame popularity ladder that everyone tries so hard to get to the top of. You be you :)

Hopefully you'll enjoy secondary school more then I did and get more out of it. And don't forget to just have fun! You only go to secondary school for five years of your life which seems like nothing compared to the rest of your life so try to make the most out of it :D