Hey, my loves! I'm back again with another Valentines day article! This time, I'll be showing you some Valentines day gift ideas! I'm sure this article will be useful to you if you're making Valentines day preparations this week! All gifts that I will list below are perfect for your besties, family members, and partner!

1. Box of strawberries or Flowers & Nutella

This gift is perfect for your family! trust me, all these jars of nutella might even last the whole year (lol). You can even get a gift like this for your bae!

This gift is suitable if the person you're giving it to not only likes chocolate but also likes flowers or strawberries!

strawberry, chocolate, and kinder image
nutella, rose, and flowers image

2. Box of flowers!

A box of flowers are a perfect gift to get for your besties or for your mom! Flowers put together in a fancy-looking box is such a thoughtful gift to give the ones that mean the most to you.

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3. A box of chocolate strawberries

A box of chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect gift for your besties, your boo, your mom or sis.

Not only do chocolate strawberries taste amazing! but they also look so pretty!

strawberry, food, and pink image
chocolate, food, and strawberry image

4. Marble iPhone cases

Get your bestie a chic marble phone case to accesorise her phone and also to make all her mirror selfies look extra cute!

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marble, pink, and accessories image
case, iphone, and marble image

5. Lush cosmetics gift set

Spoil your bestie with a lush cosmetics gift set, filled with all sorts of lush goodies!

Image by temwanovember♡
Image by temwanovember♡

6. Makeup brushes

Get your bestie or your mom a cute set of make up brushes! trust me, they'll love them! and the brushes will come in handy if your mom or bestie is going to do a cute make-up look for Valentines day!

makeup, Brushes, and white image
Brushes, makeup, and unicorn image

7. Scented candles

Some cute scented candles will make you besties room smell amazing or your mom's living room smell wonderful!

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8. Lipstick

A soft pink lipstick matches the theme of Valentines day and is a perfect gift for your bestie or mom - cause they might end up using them to create a cute Valentines day look.

makeup, lipstick, and beauty image
makeup, lipstick, and mac image

9. Highlighter

Get your besties this gorgeous Too Faced heart-shaped higlighter! this gift will help your bestie glow on Valentines day!

makeup, highlighter, and beauty image
makeup, too faced, and pink image

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