A little fact about me... I love watching movies and shows. Last year I've watched a lot of 'em, so here are few:

  • Attraction
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This is I think a Russian movie. It is about aliens, actually about some kind of UFO that landed down to the Earth by an accident. I was obsessed with aliens at that time and I really liked it.

  • Stand By
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It is a movie about an autistic girl who runs away to Hollywood. I don't wanna write that much spoilers, so I'm just gonna say that.

  • Dirty Dancing
80s dirty dancing

If u are a lover of romantic movies, you're definitely gonna like this one. Its an really old movie about a girl who is on vacation with her family. She meets one guy that she really likes and you can guess its a story with a happy ending.

  • Baby Driver
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Its a story about a criminal boy that loves music. He is a driver and helper to a group of criminals. He falls in love with a girl who also likes music... The ending you're gonna have to watch.

  • Edge of Seventeen
art movie

So at the start you have a teen girl that gets bullied by some mean girls. That same day (I think) she meet her new best friend, that is a big part of this movie.

  • Being Charlie
Superthumb nick robinson

I love this movie. It is about an boy that is a drug addict that goes to rehab.

  • The 5th Wave
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  • The Duff
the duff robbie amell
  • Bridge to Terabithia
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  • I Am Number Four
alex pettyfer alex pettyfer
  • Bad Teacher
Superthumb cameron diaz
  • Focus
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  • Passengers
film Jennifer Lawrence
  • Me Before You
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  • Flatliners
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  • The Circle
emma watson emma watson
  • The Basketball Diaries
90s black and white
  • Wild Child
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Thats it.