This is my very first article, so I wanted it to be simple, and at the same time I wanted you to get to know me. And thats when I stumbled over the #thisismechallenge, where you describe yourself in pictures. So, here it goes...


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
Both comfy and fashionable


pink, neon, and light image bath, pink, and purple image orange, aesthetic, and car image pink, book, and grunge image
Everything pink!


blonde girl image aesthetic, ocean, and wanderlust image pink, music, and vintage image collection, dvds, and supernatural image
Photography, travel, music and movies!


cat, animal, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image cat, cute, and animal image Image by Mariana Nicolle Blondet Cornejo
cats every time!


food, drinks, and aesthetic image yummy image life, love, and travel image food, healthy, and lunch image
Eating is my life


broken, quote, and fuck image people, that 70s show, and funny image quotes, kindness, and sprinkle image quotes, words, and aesthetic image
I believe in kindness. I believed in love. And I am terrified of letting people in.


couple, love, and goals image camera, vintage, and photo image motivation image travel, summer, and city image
My dream is to find love, work as a photographer, get better and travel the world.


film, movie, and clockwork orange image 70s, a clockwork orange, and alex delarge image murder, a clockwork orange, and alex image clockwork orange, a clockwork orange, and black and white image
My favourite movie: A clockwork orange by Stanley Kubrick