In this article I want to inspire you and show you some outfits not everyone is wearing but the most important thing is that you should feel good, if you don't, the outfit won't look good. Nobody should dress up for anyone but himself if he/she doesn't want it.

first outfit

Wearing an oversized shirt as a dress is a really cool thing to do. You can do a lot with the outfit and make it look fancy but also cool.

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oversized shirt

second outfit

The second outfit is simple but looks so cool. I love wearing it because it is just so easy to choose what you are wearing. If I don't know what to wear I always end up with this outfit. You just need an outfit in only one color and a nice jacket. You can also wear a jacket and pants in the same color and wear your shirt in a different one.

It doesn't matter which colors you choose, it always looks nice. (as long as there is enough contrast between the two colors because if you wear everything in dark blue and add a light blue denim jacket everybody will think you just like blue)

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This combination is probably my favorite.
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If you like wearing white, this is a great option.
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As you can see you can also wear everything in one color except you shirt.

third outfit

These shirts are probably not appropriate for every occasion and I can understand why a lot of people don't like them but they look great.

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there are simple ones
fashion, girl, and style image fashion, beauty, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and jeans image bra, fashion, and jeans image
and ones with flowers
style and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image
and ones in other colors than black

They can be dressed up and down, depending on how the rest of your outfit looks like.

fourth outfit

This Outfit is really special. I love it because it is really cool and comfy and I feel great wearing it and it is perfect for dancing.

Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image fitness, body, and Calvin Klein image
Calvin Klein sports bra

I prefer a grey one but you can choose any color you like. It doesn't have to be a Calvin Klein but I recommend a well known brand because otherwise it looks as if you come from gym and were too lazy to dress up. Nike and Adidas are also not the best choices because they look really sporty.

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bomber jacket

When choosing your bomber jacket you should watch out so you don't look as if you are wearing pyjamas.

fashion, outfit, and jeans image fashion, outfit, and jeans image
high wasted jeans
shoes, vans, and fashion image converse, shoes, and white image

Personally, I like wearing my light pink old school vans because they are so comfy but still look good. When choosing your shoes you have to (again) watch out because if you wear too sporty looking shoes it won't look good. Wearing "special" shoes looks really cool because wearing red vans to the outfit makes it more interesting.

I hoped you liked this article and that I was able to inspire you a little bit.

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