Hi everyone! Bianca here💖💘Today i’ll show you other 5 outfits which are fantastic and perfect to wear in February 2018✋🏻🤗

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Outfit No.1

fashion, girl, and outfit image

I like this outfit😍....the jacket, the T-shirt, but i think the bag is to big...😕But the rest of the outfit is ok...✋🏻👌🏻💞
Mark : 9

Outfit No.2

fashion, girl, and ruffles image

In my country February isn’t to cold, so this outfit can be wear...but the day.
The photography perspective and the place are good👏🏻❣️I like very very much this outfit....i want to wear it!!😍😍
Mark : 10 👏🏻

Outfit No. 3

Image by Private User

This outfit can be worn both day and night. I don’t like the boots and the blocks that are in back⛩
Mark : 8

Outfit No. 4

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I like very much that fur coat😍😍I love the makeup, and the place too👌🏻💖 From my perspective, this is the best outfit from this article ❤️✋🏻
Mark : 10 👏🏻👏🏻

Outfit No. 5

coat, fashion, and girl image

I like very much the jeans an the fur coat👌🏻😍 But that white bag is ugly😣I don’t like her😪But the rest of the outfit is ok👌🏻🖤
Mark : 9


Ok guys🤩This was the article💞Hope you to enjoy it❣️

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