I didn't write yesterday because we got dinner and I was in our hotel at 22.00 and I was really tired... I decided to write each day in the next morning. Here is day 2 hope you like it!

I woke up at 8.00 it's kinda early for me but I think my inner clock is still in finnish time, it's +2h in Finland. For breakfast I ate waffles with kiwi and strawberry, coffee and capri sun. I dont even know when was the last time I ate waffles it was like years ago.

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Then I just put on a little makeup end put on chlotes. We went to this Siam mall, it is really big shopping center and I bought really cool hoodie that kinda looks Tommy Hilfiger but it was from HM. We were just walking around and we decided to go back to this mall some other time when we had more time because we wanted to go to pool. We went to starbucks, I took ice latte with vanilla syrup as usual and It was so cheap like only 4,20euros from grande size! In Finland it costs almost 6euros.
After that we just went grocery shopping.

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In our hotel room I changed to bikinis and put on sunscreen then we went to pool. It was cloudy so it was hard to tan but then the sun came out and it was so nice and warm. After like 40mins of tanning I went to pool and the water was so nice, and then it was cloudy again...
I changed clothes and went to eat but I only took fries and coke 'cause I wasnt hungry. Later we went to walk to the beach and check out the shops but ohmygod it was so windy!!! I got so frustrated and I was so annoyed. We found these litle shops were you can get fake designer bags so I bought this black chanel bag, it's so pretty.

In the evening I wanted coke and and trolli gummyworms, THEY ARE SO GOOD! lol, so I went to buy them but I couldn't find the gummy worms :( It was really nice weather it wasnt windy anymore and sunset was really pretty. When I came to our hotel room I was told that we are going to eat and it was already 8pm and I wasnt even hungry but I went anyways. Some people that I dont know but we're blood related came with us... I'm not social person so I got anxiety but It got better after a while.

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In my last article I was talking about this adidas hoodie and yesterday we went to the store again and my parents bought it for me! I really love it, it's wine red and I probably will put picture of it later.
So we just went to eat and again I didn't eat anything because I wasnt hungry.

This was my day 2 in tenerife, hope you liked it and if you havent checekd day 1 be sure to read it. I'll be back tommorow for day 3!