Hi everyone! I've been thinking about my dream house lately and I wanted to share with you some visuals and descriptions of the house that I would love to live in!

house Superthumb Superthumb nature

First of all, my future house would be a small cottage. I love the idea of having a small cottage with a garden, where I can see nature constantly changing. I want to see a multitude of flowers blooming in spring and summer, fallen orange and brown leaves during autumn, and foggy landscapes during the beginning of winter and snow covering everything!

Superthumb flowers autumn curtains

I want to have a small garden where I could plant flowers and herbs. I would have a lot of bird feeders, and I would be able to admire a variety of birds. I would hold tea parties or simply spend afternoons outside, drinking tea and reading.

Superthumb pastel autumn Superthumb

I would like to have a room with a window where I can look outside while I'm reading, writing or painting.

bedroom book Superthumb book

I would love to have tons of books. A big library would be nice!

book Superthumb book bed

Of course, I would be drinking tea!

gif book cup gif

Also, candles and incense would be burning all the time. It gives this feeling of coziness and it is better in the autumn and winter season.

candle Superthumb autumn Superthumb

One simple but important thing, I love seeing the sunlight beaming through the windows and curtains, it makes me feel happy and it is very comforting. So my future house would have great lighting and windows everywhere!

Superthumb dress hand vintage

The kitchen is very important as well. I would like to have a small and old looking kitchen, with teacups and herbs everywhere.

flowers Superthumb flowers Superthumb

So yeah, this was a small overview of what I want my dream house to be! I will be talking more about this topic so thank you for you attention and see you soon :)