A lot of people do not understand the importance of loving yourself. A lot people don’t even know what it means. We should always understand to put ourselves first and be selfish sometimes. We all need to be selfish enough to fight for ourselves. Sometimes we put ourselves before other people’s needs, but we don’t put our needs for other people’s necessaries and this is bad because we need to respect ourselves all the time. But there are times where we feel bad for putting ourselves first, but we shouldn’t ever regret it because we come first. These people won’t be there to fix ourselves, if we need to take a day for ourselves we have to if we need to sleep through the entire day do it , if we need to binge eat do it. If we feel passionate and feel like that is the way your way to let go of your problems do it , write like no end , play sports till your legs give out. Nobody comes before us; nobody will be with us forever we will only have ourselves, so take care of yourself. Love yourself. Heal yourself. Fall in love with yourself. See your worth and then you will understand how important it is to do so. Believe in yourself because not everyone will do the same. On the long run, realizing one’s own worth is what is important.