wikiHow is a collaborative and free how-to website that anyone, including anonymous users, can edit and improve. There are many reasons to join, and I'll tell you three of them.

First, the vandalism and spam is controlled very well. Users can user Recent Change patrol to revert bad edits, and mark good edits as patrolled and give a thumbs up to a good edit.

Users can also give an editor a message and if an edit is helpful or good, but contains mistakes or is not in wikiHow format, they can easily edit the mistakes out.

People can also warn spammers, trolls, and vandals by posting the warning template {{warning}} on the user's talk page, or by leaving their own personalized message. Generally, the warnings are not stern, mean, or threatening.

Second, the articles are very high-quality. The articles on wikiHow tend to be very specific and detailed, no matter what topic. Despite some articles being a little short for wikiHow, they are still helpful. The articles featured on the main page are definitely high-quality and meet wikiHow's standards.

And joke articles, advertisements, articles that are not how-tos, and patent nonsense get deleted by admins.

And finally, the community is amazing. All of the wikiHow members are encouraging, happy to help, friendly, and calm. You'll definitely enjoy yourself. Users will be glad to improve your articles if needed, and you are more than welcome to join.

Anyway, Follow me to see some more images and articles.