I was born on the year where social media wasn't present yet and where harsh comments go straight to your face. Growing up with the advancements of technology, fitting in became so difficult and standing out has a standard.

If you are a girl like me who doesn't have long legs like every model has, or a body figure that would make Victoria give you wings, or a face that launched a thousand ships, then welcome to the losers club.

I have lived all my life almost trying to avoid the mirror to see how ugly I "think" I was. When I was young, I only compare myself to our good looking neighbors or classmates. Since instagram and weheartit came, my gosh! I started asking what am I here on earth for. I even wished I was born on a different country, at least if I wasn't really pretty I'd have fair skin, the height or pointed nose. I overthink all the time. I was so insecure of myself. I was very wrong.

I started reading confessions from different women who shares their journey from struggling to fit in to breaking up from media definition of what a beautiful woman is. I was inspired and realized all the insecurity we feel is all from our head and we can fight it. I have been all through those diet pills, weight loss, exercise but nah, who cares if I lost weight or gain weight anyway. I am done with the body shamers and had enough with those who does not give anything good to you.

Loving yourself does not happen overnight and most importantly should not come from boys you met. Loving yourself is loving everyone else around you. Self love is a big step but a wonderful discovery. I am not a hundred percent confident about all of me but I am finally taking that huge leap of faith of believing myself and in what I can do which other cover girls cannot. The best compliment I recieved is not from instagram comments or facebook praises but from what I tell my heart about myself.