So, in case you didn't see yet, i did the "boys version" of this and i said everything that i had to say there but repeating:
All idols are beautiful, don't matter height, weight, skin color or hair.
If you whitewash these beautiful skins you should stop, that is wrong.

Boys version
Girls Version Pt. 2

✪ Yuri - Girls' Generation
Like in the boys version i'm not going to talk about each one of them, but since i talked about mingyu on boys ver., i'm going to talk about yuri, i think just like him she have one of the prettiest skin tones, and personally, i think she's the most beautiful female idol.

snsd, yuri, and girls generation image

✪ Narsha - Brown Eyed Girls

basic, beg, and brave new world image

✪ Yubin - Ex-Wonder Girls

wonder girls, yubin, and kpop image

✪ Semmi - Matilda

gif, the unit, and matilda image

✪ Hyorin - Sistar

sistar, hyolyn, and hyorin image

✪ Miso - Girls Girls

idol, kpop, and MISO image

✪ Hwasa - Mamamoo

mamamoo, hwasa, and kpop image

✪ Tzuyu - Twice

Abusive image

✪ Kahi - Soloist / Ex-After School

after school, kpop, and korean image

✪ Jennie - Blackpink

blackpink, jennie, and kpop image

I'm going to do a part 2 and 3 of that, because there many more tanned idols, the boys are going to have part 2 and 3 too.