i saw the way you looked surprised the first moment you saw me. that blank stare as if you seemed interested. i saw the way that you starred at me when i walked passed by you every single time, as if you wanted to say something. looking back

it was barely the beginning of the semester and we already had a connection between us..

then at that game when you were walking up the bleachers, you glanced up and i was the first thing you noticed. you urged your friend to sit diagonally from me while still looking at me...

i felt that moment go in slow motion your whole face went in complete shock but still excited that i was there.

i saw the way you kept looking back every 5 minutes at me checking if i was still there, acting as if i couldn't see you.. when the game ended you straight out stared at me waiting to see if i noticed. i did notice! i had noticed you from the start, from the first day at school when i bumped into you, when i was walking beside you i noticed it all!
but you had left so quickly i reacted too late. should've said something from the start..

our stares said a million words when we couldn't even say one. Maybe your the one