***disclaimer these are just random lyrics from the songs, no specific order***

1. Steal My Girl

Lyrics, quotes, and steal my girl image bridge, Lyrics, and river image Lyrics, steal my girl, and one direction image album, four, and Lyrics image

2. Ready to Run

ready to run, one direction, and Lyrics image quotes, grunge, and sun image quotes, grunge, and couple image direction, four, and louis image

3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

easel and quotes image quotes, grunge, and sad image aesthetic, Lyrics, and pink image dark, where do broken hearts go, and girl almighty image

4. 18

quotes, background, and twenty one pilots image 18, alternative, and four image 18, aesthetic, and music image 18, aesthetic, and Lyrics image

5. Girl Almighty

girl, summer, and friends image one direction, girl almighty, and Lyrics image blanco, negro, and fondos image wallpaper, four, and iphone image

6. Fool's Gold

bad boy, boys, and girls image Lyrics, quote, and quotes image dark, Lyrics, and quotes image Lyrics, one direction, and grunge image

7. Night Changes

one direction, night changes, and Lyrics image one direction, night changes, and Lyrics image Lyrics, one direction, and night changes image one direction, night changes, and Lyrics image

8. No Control

one direction, grunge, and quotes image louis, memes, and no control image quotes image four, Lyrics, and no control image

9. Fireproof

one direction, fireproof, and grunge image fireproof, one direction, and fire image 1d and one direction image tumblr, zayn malik, and one direction image

10. Spaces

space, quotes, and sad image quote, one direction, and Lyrics image Image by R E one direction image

11. Stockholm Syndrome

quotes, one direction, and black image one direction, stockholm syndrome, and grunge image Lyrics, one direction, and quotes image stockholm syndrome, one direction, and Lyrics image

12. Clouds

quotes, one direction, and clouds image clouds, grunge, and Lyrics image babe, lyric, and songs image Image by HUMA¥OON KHAN 94

13. Change Your Ticket

clouds, lake, and Lyrics image flowers, Lyrics, and quotes image quote and song image easel, font, and four image

14. Illusion

grunge, illusion, and quotes image flowers, illusion, and screen image dark, illusion, and lake image illusion, one direction, and Lyrics image

15. Once in a Lifetime

quote, night, and sky image galaxy, once in a lifetime, and girl almighty image four, lyric, and Lyrics image aesthetic, music, and once in a lifetime image

16. Act My Age

four, 1d, and liam payne image four, liam payne, and niall horan image Lyrics, me, and nice image Lyrics, one direction, and act my age image

There you go, lyrics to every song on the best album of our generation . i also realize i put story of my life lyrics under clouds but it's fine i'm fine everything's fine