so im bored and decided to make a list of 30 topics for myself or others to write on for 30 days. im sure writing daily not only improves your skills but also helps through feeling writer's block::
**doesn't have to be in paragraph format, you can follow these in the form of poetry, lyrics, short stories, dialogues, monologues, scripts, etc. its all up to you. i personally feel like doing a mixture of some will be the most exciting but its up to you. im going to make a mix of specific and vague topics to spice things up a lil. im gonna shut up now and make this list. hope you enjoy!!

1. an overconfident model joins the industry, and end up continually making terrible decisions in regards to his/her health and finances

2. asparagus

3. money growing on trees

4. moving to a remote location, where the closest neighbor is 50 miles away

5. running away/ thinking of running away

6. the best day of her/his/your life

7. gaining/ losing faith

8. a black rose

9. a young boy/girl being bullied and their message to other kids on staying strong

10. a sour love story turned sweet

11. being surrounded by fake friends but being too scared of loneliness to remove them from his/her/your life

12. unpopular opinions

13. a massive food fight

14. stepping on flowers

15. a wishing well that gives one the opposite of what they wish for

16. a cute pumpkin patch

17. a day in the life of Beyonce

18. visiting people's dreams

19. a letter to yourself (or a character's self) in 20 years or a letter from 20 ahead to present you/character

20. a rock

21. made up mermaid facts

22. shapes in the clouds

23. a first high school party

24. summarize and tweak the twilight storyline

25. meeting the love of your life, whos in love with your sibling

26. a perspective of dethroned royalty

27. the most expensive thing you/she/he wants in life

28. someone's entire life story

29. a miracle

30. your favorite things about yourself

follow me :)


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