so first, as anyone else would, i wake up. personally, i like to wake up early so i set my alarm at 6:45 and snooze it anywhere from 7:00-7:30.

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then i go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, wash my face, etc... depending on the day, i'll take a shower

next i go make myself a cup of coffee or make a pot if my dad hasn't already.

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i don't normally have breakfast, but if i do it's a something light, like a bagel or something.

then, i go back to my room and play some music.

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playing music in the morning makes me feel better and puts me in a good mood.

while i drink my coffee and listen to music, i either write or read. i may even do both.

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i find reading and writing therapeutic and it's something that makes me happy. therefore, i try to do it everyday.

usually by the time i finish up on writing or a chapter, it's time for school. so, i login and get to work.

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and that's all for my morning routine. i saw this going around so i thought i'd give it a try. :)