So I'm challenging myself to do this 30 day writing challenge that my friend recommended so won't overthink and I'll have something to look forward on doing everyday. You might relate on them or get some ideas so yeah

10 Things That Makes Me Happy

1. Food
Oh well, who doesn't get happy when food is there and waving you a big smile, plus food is really a great companion in times of sadness season. As for myself I'm a great lover of food but have a worst skills in the kitchen.

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2. Long Message/s
It really makes me happy receiving long messages, i feel so important to the point that the person who sent me a long message/s put a lot of effort writing and thinking. It's like they are sending me their heart. I don't know if it is just me but it really does makes me happy specially when it's hand written letter.

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3. Coffee
I don't know why does a cup of coffee makes me happy. Even the smell of coffee/coffee bean makes me happy. I could stay in a coffee shop for hours without my phone with me, just sitting there with my coffee. Coffee gives me comfort. Plus coffee is my best friend in times of staying up all night 'cause of acads. Can't live my life without coffee.

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4. Books
Give me a book!!!! Give me, give me. Give me a good book to read with a huge cup of coffee and a warm blanket would make me really happy. Extra point if its a rainy weather and the smells of books oh please. Books help me escape the cruel reality of life and I can move into a completely different world it's like a travel machine. I have fallen deeply in love with reading and tend to always carry a book around anywhere I go.

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5. Sunsets and Sunrise
Those cotton candies skies with different colors as so fascinating to see. It's like a dream in reality telling me that life is still beautiful even tho sometimes bad things are happening.

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6. Beach
The fresh air, the bright angry sun and the feels of the raging salty waters on my feet, its like telling me i am home. The sounds of the waves is music to my ears. Its really quite something, life's better at the beach. My happiness comes in waves.

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7. Road trip
Let's go have a spontaneous road trip filled with laughter and singing at the top of our lungs, telling good stories. Let's escape from this life for a moment. Wander around the city, watch the trees, look at the city lights it's like they are shining just for me.

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8. Rain
I love it when it rains. It sounds like white noise, which is like silence but not empty. I love to sleep with the window open while its raining, I could feel the wind, hear the trees sway and creak its sounds like a lullaby.

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9. Sleeping
I love to escaping and sleeping is one of my escape.

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10. Family and Friends
The best source of happiness. We may have a petty fights with our fam and friends but they will always be there standing and smiling at you. They will always support you and they are the one that will fight for your fight as if its theirs. They will be your motivation to stand up every time you fall.

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Life may be hard sometimes, we may experience bad things and feel sad, it has its ups and downs but it's the way it is we fall and get up, we learn from every obstacles and challenges life throws our way. No matter how hard life can be there's always something magical to look forward to every day. We just have to focus on the good things, we don't want to miss anything beautiful just because we let the world bring us down. Don't stop spreading positive vibes. Even the smallest thing can help bring someone happiness like smiling at them, opening the door, helping an old person carry something, talking to someone who's struggling surviving life, giving advice, saying thank you at the waiter you served you, being patient, being understanding, caring, hugging a person who's feeling a little down and most of all giving love. Life has so much to offer, don't miss it out. Get out of the box. Explore. Travel. Meet new people. Be a blessing to others.

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- M