Hey everyone! It's been a while and I've been very self conscience about doing this but, I'm going to finally write an article about myself. So, Here we go!
P.S. I'm breaking out of my shell doing this so... sorry if it seems a bit plain.

My Name Is Aryelle, I am a Pisces.
I am an African American female.
I'm 14 but, my birthday is March 19th.
I speak English but, I know plenty of Spanish.
I'm Single and 5'4 in a half.
My favorite movie is Titanic.
My favorite tv show... Sanford and Son.
My favorite Cartoon is a mix between The Teen Titans and Spongebob.
I love scary movies but then again I love me a happy ending.
I have no favorite song I just love any genre of music like... it could be hard rock metal if the song is good then that's what I listen too.
Favorite Food: I don't have one. Food is bae :)
I love dogs. Don't get me wrong Cats can be cool too. (Even though I'm allergic to cat Saliva) I actually have a few dogs. Two Yorki's and a Blue Nosed Pit Bull.
I love photography and helping my friends when they're in need of help.
Reading is my passion and I love YouTube videos and food.
My favorite colour is Bleu.
No, I don't play any sports but, I'm pretty good at Softball and Swimming and of course basketball but, I like to keep to myself and I'm glad that I'm slowly breaking out of my shell.
I'm mostly on the positive side and I love to smile and make others laugh even if I'm having a bad day.
I have one sibling my little sister (Who I love but she drives me up a wall!)
I was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri.
I've never traveled far before but, I have been to Indiana,Kentucky and Florida. I actually want to travel more. I'm enjoying me freshman year in high school but, there are a bit of bumps along this road.

That's all for now. Message me if you have any questions. Follow me on Snapchat (also message me for that.) Bye!