My first article! I'm sharing with you 5 of my favorite pieces to wear this winter.

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1. chunky knits

Chunky sweaters are always a must in the winter. They keep you warm and comfortable, while still making you look chic (if you wear them well, of course). Depending on the shape and size of the sweater, I like tucking it into my jeans a little just to give it more of a shape, rather than having it hanging down. I find it a little more flattering, try it if you want.

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2. printed jackets

I find printed jackets so cool. They're for sure a statement piece and I think it just brings some dimension to the outfit, and makes it more eye-catching. I personally do not own and have never worn a printed jacket because I believe that you need to have a great amount of confidence and a certain strut (if you will) to pull it off. I'm sure all of you could pull it off, no problem.

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3. wool coats

Now, these are definitely not the warmest coats for the winter, and if you live somewhere like Chicago, where it is absolutely freezing, you know that you cannot wear a wool coat in the dead of winter. So this is more of a transition coat into and out of winter for those of you (and me). For the others who can wear this coat during the winter, lined wool coats can stay pretty warm and are so beautiful, so if your weather permits, I would suggest on investing in one.

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4. jeans

Jeans are, so obviously, a staple. I feel silly even mentioning these in here, but when you find a pair that fits you in all the right places, it truly is amazing. Jeans are so classic that you can pair them with literally anything. Everyone fits into jeans differently, so it's really important to find some that you love and that make you feel great.

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5. layers

Lastly, layers are really convenient in the winter time : if you get cold you add on, if you get hot you take off. You can layer with pretty much everything and anything. I find the picture with the dress and the long sleeve ribbed sweater so pretty, and I wanna try it. Honestly, its hard to go wrong with layering classics and basics, so I suggest it.

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That is all for my first article. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it. I'm gonna try to post once a week, but don't trust me with that...

Thanks for reading!