Here's a quick list of the little things I love! Some of them are kinda weird though, just saying.

1. Colored drinking straws

pink, drink, and milk image

2. Valentine's Day decorations (I love all the pink and red hearts!)

heart, lollipop, and candy image

3. Dinosaur chicken nuggets

50mm, chicken nuggets, and Chicken image

4. Hearing people speak in other languages

languages, text, and other wordly image

5. Freshly painted nails

pink, nails, and pastel image

6. The smell and sound of rain

calm, chilly, and cold image

7. Checking out books from the library

book, bookstore, and library image

8. Rain flavored Gatorade

beverage, computer, and cool image

9. Sleeping in

gif, art, and sleep image

10. Making packing lists

inspire, list, and notebook image