I have a serious problem, and it's watching too much tv! Although, I must say in this day and age everyone seems to have this addiction. 😂

Top tv series:

1. Grown-ish

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Grown-ish is a spin-off of the series ''Blackish''. It features Zoey Johnson's journey through college/university life, where she deals with young adult themes. With the help of her friends, we watch Zoey develop into the person she's destined to become. Might I add that her love interests are fineeeee as hell.

2. Lucifer

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This is highly recommend for those who love British accents, supernatural beings and detective work.

3. The Legend of Korra

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The things I love about TLOK:
1) Showcases women empowerment
2) They basically have superpowers
3) Memorable and lovable characters

4. The Get Down

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Extremely underrated.
Go. Watch. It. Now.

5. Suits

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I have learnt countless life lessons from this show. It has movtivated me to be someone who's intelligent, strong willed and witty. This is an AMAZING show.

- Mishka Abrahams