hello there! it's been a while since i don't write an article, so i'm back.
this one is gonna be about movies. i love them and i suppose that if you are reading this you love them as well! so here is a list of my favourite movies and those i TOTALLY recommend you to watch. here we go, enjoy!


I love the Twilight saga (i've read all the books) and the movie is very well done, so similar to the book. so if you like fantasy, vampires, wolves and all that kinda stuff you will love it.

twilight, bella swan, and edward image

Nowhere boy

I saw this movie yesterday and i really liked it. I'ts kinda a biography of john lennon's youth and how he formed his first band: the quarryman. there are amazing songs, voices and actors.

thomas sangster and nowhere boy image

Remember me

I have no words to describe this movie, one of my favourites, no doubt. not only because i love robert pattinson but because it has such a amazing plot.

remember me, robert pattinson, and quotes image

Back swan

This movie just left me shook. I've seen it like 5 times and it still produces that feeling on me. It's a perfect mix of pure and dark.

black swan, natalie portman, and ballet image

of course i have a lot of favourite movies but i didn't want to make this so long, if you saw/are gonna see these movies, tell me what you think about!
remember i'm always here if you need to talk to someone.

all the love,