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|The main theme is like having it a medium-ish size and an earthy and really pretty vibe to it. AND I know that the amount of money that I would waste for my dream pantry is like WOW but you know, it's a dream.|

Dining Room:

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|Okay, so I really like the earthy vibe to it and it just reminds me of home in my opinion.|


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|The Theme about this is having like a tidy place where visitors can speak but if there is like a sleepover or younger kids too, it is also comfy|


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|My bedroom|

Necessities in my bedroom:

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|Okay so I wish for these and I absolutely need books somewhere around the room, I also need the blank wall for my projector and yea. also some plants.|


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|It would be really cool to live where there are mountains but I also really love the city so I can't really choose.|


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|Main ideal of my dream shower|

Special rooms:

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|Theroom with the movie is a Theater room for like slumber parties and of course, I need a library.|


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|I think this would be LOTS of fun when having sleepovers and parties|


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|I love Dogs and kittens!|

House shape:

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|I want my house to be big enough will a lot of rooms if I want to add like another cool/special room.|

Thanks for looking and if I missed anything I will add on later. Until next time Hearters!