Hey everyone,

So I’m looking for a best friend. I don’t care about the gender, where you live, sexuality, or how old you are. But I don’t also want someone that never replies. I want someone that will understand me. And someone that will care. I want someone that will make an effort and try to meet up one day.

So basically I’m going to tell you a few things about me:

1. My birthday is may 2nd
2. I live in Illinois
3. I am the oldest out of my siblings
4. I love music
5. I sing
6. I like to play volleyball 🏐 and soccer ⚽️
7. I’m very shy at first until I get comfortable with you
8. I am 5’8 (I’m quite tall)
9. I have brown eyes; sometimes with contacts their grey :p
10. I’m 14 (almost 15)
11. I’m going to Florida in April (2018)
12. I’m a Latina
13. I speak 2 languages but I’m open to learning more

So if you wanna talk just message me! I hope I get some responses