Well there sure is a lot to pick from. Sometimes a level can stand out because of its creative level design, boss battles, visuals, music, or atmosphere. Here are a couple of my favourites :)

Tomb Raider 1 - The Great Pyramid

Image by LaurenBylett

This level has everything! Intense boss battles, tricky jumps and traversal and traps around every corner. There really is no safe place in this level and don't even think about taking a breather because chances are a massive rolling boulder is probably about to squish an unknowing Lara. This is what the game has been building towards, this level, which is the final level of the game, so everything you have learnt in previous levels are now really put the test here. You need quick thinking and patience for this level. Oh and did I mention that besides the boss battles and cruel traps the screen shakes? Throughout the entire level. Suddenly doing a simple run and jump isn't quite as easy anymore with the screen shaking non stop. However, you will feel on top of the world when you kill that last boss, climb that last climb and slide down that last slope, which ends the game with the Pyramid going up in flames.

Silent Hill 1 - Midwich Elementary School

Image by LaurenBylett

I know what your thinking. How can you enjoy a level which aims to give you hours on end of total non stop horror? Well when I play on a horror game I WANT to be scared and on the edge of my seat because then I know I'm playing something that is genuinely scary. Silent Hill wastes no time making you feel as uncomfortable and unsettled as possible. Even before this level chances are the game had already got under your skin. So you open the door to the school thinking it might be a safe haven away from those monsters that roam the streets of Silent Hill, but then you very quickly realise that this place you have now got yourself locked into is even worse. It's dark, the music made by the musical genius that is Akira Yamaoka is low and eerie... and there's monsters inside here too. You are constantly tore between wanting to kill the monsters but also having to save ammo too. Not to mention there's jump scares in almost every room along with creepy, thought provoking puzzles that tell a story. But you know what makes this level really scary? Atmosphere. The music, the dark, narrow corridors and the monsters stalking you, put all these together and you have a truly terrifying level that will unnerve you even after you've finished the level. You'll be thankful when you hear those air raid sirens and the school reverts back to normal again, with the door finally unlocked. That's not the end though, you have a creepy hospital to contend with next...

Resident Evil Remake - The Mansion

Image by LaurenBylett

You better get use to this eerie mansion cuz you'll be spending nearly all of the game in it. The music is creepy, it's dark and thundering outside... and there's zombies. Lot's of them. There are "Safe Rooms" that gives you a moment of relief as there are no zombies in them, but for the most part you can expect jump scares, zombies and weird mutations that you stalk you around the mansion. There's intense boss battles too and loads of locked doors that usually require going through about ten puzzles just to find the key... then there's another locked door... and another... and another... You'll feel like your getting nowhere most of the time and feel trapped as the zombies, traps and puzzles get even more hostile and disturbing. There is also a clever twist just when you think you've killed all the zombies, later in the game, they come back to life as "Crimson Heads" which are faster and stronger as oppose to the slow, lumbering zombies at the beginning. So are you ready to take on one of the most iconic levels in survival horror ever?

Alice Madness Returns - Cardbridge

Image by LaurenBylett

Most of the levels listed here have been pretty dark, creepy levels so here's something very different. This too is a horror game but of a different kind. However, this game has one of the most relaxing levels ever. The levels beforehand have been pretty hectic and the levels after this are as well, but not this one. Your up in the blue sky, cards are your pathway as they float in front of you and if I recall there aren't any enemies or anything hostile. Just some simple traversal and puzzles. The music is very relaxing too. It's a sort of "calm before the storm" level as everything goes downhill after this level. But for the time being this is a level you can relax to and should enjoy while you have the chance because it is understandably a very short level. Plus, it is very beautiful, the blue sky and light colours make it a very pretty level and it lets you have a breather before you dive back into the madness again.

Those are some of my favourites. I do have lots more but those are some for now as I have played on loads of games and completed so many levels that it would be a very long list so this is it for now :)