Hi :)
My name is Ida and I'm from Denmark.

I know what u r thinking. Denmark? What is Denmark? Where is Denmark? A city in southern California (really hope u aren't thinking that)?
If u r interested I'm gonna give a small (very small) lecture about Denmark and very weird questions I've gotten along the way ;)

So Denmark is this very small country in Europe. Not a city in Germany. Not the capitol of Sweden. BUT A COUNTRY. Actually a country in Scandinavia along with Sweden, Norway and Finland. So that's that.
It gets really cold during the winters but because of global warming we don't get that much snow anymore (not actually sure that's the cause but whatever(; ).
FUN FACT! Denmark's population is a lot bigger than Norway's (if u look on a map you'll see that Norway is wayyyy bigger than DK) but it's because of the mountains and stuff in Norway, that we have nothing of in DK ...

Weird questions people ask Danes (danish people):
STORY TIME: I was on a cruise ship and some guy that works there, asked me if I would like to dance (Didn't really get flattered bcs they literally have to ask everyone). I said yes and we started slow dancing (already super awkward and uncomfortable). "Where are you from?" he asked. "Denmark" I said. AND for some unknown reason he starts speaking a language that sounds like german but not really. I looked confused at him and he said "Dutch no?". I smiled and said "No. Danish". Believe or not we actually speak Danish (FUN FACT!: Danish is one of the hardest languages to learn. I've heard it's harder than Chinese). He said oh and the rest of the song we said nothing to each other.

"Is Copenhagen (capitol of DK) the capitol of Sweden?" Ugh... go home
"Do you have phones in DK?" No actually! We hit ourselves in the head with rocks!
"Wait. Isn't Norway, Sweden and Denmark the same thing?" questions humanity
And that was just a small amount of the stupid questions you could ask a Dane ...

I hope y'all learned something new today and maybe got another point of view when it comes to smaller 'unknown' countries. I really enjoyed making this article <3

xx Ida