I look at the door
I do not know what I'm doing sitting
in front of the computer
I should see around me,
but I can not see it.

My dreamy spirit
it does not let me sleep
I want to leave the city
and fulfill the American dream
do not tell me there is a problem,
I can not hear,
but I can feel the adrenaline.

Outside there is a world
big and huge
I told you,
I can see
in my thoughts
every day of the week
at three in the morning
when all the kids
they leave their dreams
and wake up in search of others.

Every time I close my eyes
I feel the frustration of my imagination,
I make a wish to the moon
the kids on the road also do it,
but not even she listens to them.

I can listen to their hearts
a new story with kids
flying between ideas
with music in the ears,
walking without problems
with the lights of the new city.

When kids sleep
and the American dream
kiss their nights
the sound of their footsteps
they light candles on the road,
I can see creatures awake.

The car runs very fast
on such a short path
like the age of the kids,
I want to fly on four wheels
make it happens
the dream color of roses
It's not like in the stories,
all kids want
only one thing
live without problems
in a unique story like ours.