Audrey Hepburn was one of the greatest actresses the cinema has ever had. It became an icon for having a sophisticated casual look compared to the glamor that prevailed in the 50s.

A strong woman, full of energy, Audrey Hepburn is a beautiful woman inside and out, without prejudice, with a big heart and a humor that nobody could compare, which allowed her to say anything with an attitude that no one could criticize. Here some data that only her biggest fans know.

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1.Helped the Dutch resistance
She lived in Britain in 1939, but she and her mother moved to Arnheim with the hope that the war would not come there and that the Netherlands would remain neutral; nevertheless, the country was invaded by the German army and, adopting the pseudonym of Edda van Heemstra for not to attract attention, provided assistance to the Dutch Resistance, giving them money funds through dances.

2. She studied piano and classical ballet, spoke English, French, Dutch and Italian, handled German and a little Spanish.

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3. She felt identified with Anna Frank
The book The Diary of Anne Frank marked her for her whole life, both had 10 when the war began and 15 at the end; In addition, in the book there is a passage where Anne Frank relates the execution of five hostages: the same day that the author relates that murder, Hepburn lost his uncle by execution.

4. She had a deer as a pet
When he participated in the movie Green Mansions in 1958, she fell completely in love with nature because she was a young woman living in the jungle. Her co-star was a small deer named Ip. Despite having a Yorkshire Terrier named Famous, she adopted the little deer of the set, they lived together for several months.

5. She was very shy
Her image has become a symbol of beauty, but she does not have enough confidence in herself. She often complains about her big nose, her small bust and her regular shoulders.

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