Hi everyone!
I recently made an article about kfashion (it's the first part) which I will left below

but then I realize that was kind of short.
So, In this article (according to the first one) i´ll tell you more tips to wear kfashion♡

Match 3 diferent colors

Having a "pallete color" in your closet can help you a lot.
As an example, the key is matching 3 diferent colors from the same pallete

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My favorite color combinations are:

  • Black- Brown- White
kfashion, ulzzang, and kor image
  • Blue denim- white- grey
kfashion, ulzzang, and kor image
  • Mustard- black- white
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Have a pair of white sneakers

I found some information about it on internet that says:

"So many fishnets and so many white shoes! White sneakers are forever classic.
I love the way really sharp colors that may seem odd together are tied together by a white shoe.”

Definitely, goes with everything, casual or formal, looks great!

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Loose clothes

As you can see

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And, that's it :)
I have finished with "Kfashion tips", I really hope you like it and this to be helpful for you♡

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