Hi Hearties!

So this is my first Article here on WHI Yay. I don't really know how this whole thing works so im gonna try my best. So this article is about celebrities that changed my live and made me who I am Today.

I hope you enjoy and please give me some feedback in the comments
here we go

#1 The One Direction Boys

dunkirk singer louis smile smile
Harry Syles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik

These Boys, now men, absolutely changed my life. Nice 2014 I have been obsessed with them and since then they made my life a lot easier. They made me more confident and I learned to love myself and accept who I am. I met a lot of new people through them that became a big part in my life and that I will be friends for a long time. Their music made me calm down when I was upset and made me smile when I was sad. I was going through a very rough time at that time and these boys helped me go through this. I can't be proud enough of what every single one of them achieved in these year, as solo artists too. I will forever be thankful and I will forever support every single one of them.

#2 5 Seconds of Summer

5sos, luke hemmings, and ashton irwin image
Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin

So These boys are the biggest Idiots I have ever seen life and just... ever. But I love them and they're music so much. I've met a lot of my near friends through them and their voices helps me calm down too. Their Fandom is just amazing and when I go see them live I just feel at home. I've seen these Idiots live 3 Times now and every single time was the best Night of my life. I am very thankful to have them in my life and im very exited to hear new music from them.

#3 Little Mix

jesy nelson, jade thirlwall, and little mix image
Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Jade Thirlwall

So these Girls are my absolute Qeens. They changed how I dress and how I act. Because of them I am more confident and I wear more clothes that are risky. I learned to don't give a s**t about what other people say about me and to just love myself. I learned just to have fun and life in the moment and just to express my emotions freely. I am very Grateful and Thankful for these Girls. I got a chance to see them live in May last year and they absolutely killed it, their performance was breathtaking!

#4 Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes and mendes image

Right after his first single dropped in 2014, I have absolutely and deeply fallen in love with this man. I think his voice is so special and every time I hear him sing, it just melts my heart and takes my breath away. His newest album is more than amazing and I know every single song by heart. Last year May I finally went to see and hear him live and when the first second he begann to sing I sobbed. in live he looks even Better and his voice is even more angelic than in audio. His fandom is amazing and the atmosphere in the stadium was breathtaking. I love him with all of my heart and will support him with all my body and soul.

#5 Selena Gomez

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So Selena is very special to me because I saw her grow into a beautiful young woman, who helps other people and the community. I know her since I was 8 years old, when she first was in "The wizards of waverly place", till today when she is a beautiful woman who has toured the world. her latest Album is amazing and her songs mean so much to her. I always will support and love her with all my heart.

So these are my lifesavers! I hope you enjoyed and please leave a feedback in the comments and let me know what I should do next.

Love you hearties and till next time <3