so, like the title says, i'm currently trying to write something that would not be deleted in a closer future.
It is a fantasy - young literature novel, and it's about Jake, a normal guy who is attacked by a couple of criatures called "nafsis", who live by drinking human blood; more specifically, mwonajis blood: humans that can see the nafsis.
The novel is about six chapters until now, but I hope it could get longer enough to can be called a book itself.
You can read it on my Wattpad account: ornewth; the name of the book is "Alma caníbal" (Canibal soul in english). By now it's only available to be read in spanish, but I hope I could translate it (by myself) soon, so you can read it too. Anyways, you can translate it with the translation option in some navegators like Explorer or Chrome (those are the ones that I use).
I hope you can read it soon, it would help me a lot 'cause you could leave some comments with some help, things to fix or showing your love/hate about it.
Thanks for reading!