I noticed that little things make me happy, so here's a list of things I love:

  • Architecture
house, luxury, and pool image house, luxury, and mansion image
  • Flowers
white, aesthetic, and alternative image flowers, rose, and pink image
  • Blue
blue, shell, and beach image Image by Starry
  • Ocean
summer, beach, and ocean image sea, turtle, and animal image
  • Polaroid photos
Image by ✞ Teen Girl ✞ photo, polaroid, and watermelon image
  • Sunsets
day, DIA, and gorgeous image Image removed
  • Books
book, flowers, and pink image book, bibliophile, and read image
  • Animals
dog, cute, and animal image animal, lion, and cute image
  • Italian pizza
food, pizza, and yummy image pizza and food image
  • Snow
Image removed snow, winter, and christmas image